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Just wanted to say thanks to Don for his pages.
This is the exact same circuit that I built to use one comport for cw, fsk,
and ptt.
I built them into a little plastic (wish it had been metal) box with three
phone plugs.

One small note: You may have to play with the value of the pull down
All transistors are not created equal nor are the voltages in the computer
exactly perfect.

I have built optos and they work well also.

Sure beats the price of those "big" interfaces and gives good old clean FSK.

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> Someone recently asked me what kind of interface I use to key
> FSK for my radio.  Every time someone asks me this, I have to
> dig in a drawer to find the schematic.  So last night, with a bunch
> of energy after working the P5, I decided to lay it out on my website.
> A lot of people use opto-isolators, but I could never get one to
> work.  I suppose the ones I had in my junk box weren't good.  So
> I decided to try a simple NPN transistor circuit and it has worked
> great on both of my computer/radios.
> The circuit for FSK is identical to PTT & CW except for the DB 9
> pinout.
> If you are interested, the page is available off my RTTY page:
> www.aa5au.com/rtty
> or go directly to the interface page at www.aa5au.com/rttyinterface.
> Hope this can help someone.  Let me know if you have any questions.
> These circuits should work with WriteLog or any other program that
> requires FSK, PTT or CW from a serial COM port.  What's nice is that
> you can build all 3 circuits on a single COM port.
> 73, Don AA5AU
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