[WriteLog] Need help converting ADIF file to WL format

Darack, Zev Zev.Darack@banklink.com
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:57:27 -0400

I have not used MMTTY but I have used the ADIF import function to import
logs from other programs.  Here is what I recommend:

1. Create a new BARTG log in WL and enter 1 qso with all valid data
2. Export the WL log to ADIF
3. Compare the WL ADIF file with the MMTTY ADIF file and replace the name of
the field you logged the time in with the correct time logged field from the
4. Import the modified ADIF file into WL.

Zev N2WKS / V26S

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I had to use MMTTY to operate BARTG and now want to submit the log. One way 
for me to do this is to read the MMTTY log into Wl and then let WL process 
it. I logged "his time" as "name" in MMTTY and now don't see how to get 
"his time" into the submitted log. Please read on for details:

I operated the spring BARTG portable from my camper with a laptop computer. 
I had hoped to use WL, but at the last minute I discovered I was getting 
"member not found" errors with the laptop WL installation. Switched to 
MMTTY at the last minute and logged his time sent as his name in the MMTTY 
log (seemed like the only way to get it done).

Now that I am home, I am trying to prepare the log to submit. I can export 
it from MMTTY as an ADIF file, and can read this into WL  on my home 
computer AOK. On WL, his time shows up as NAME in the ADIF file, but of 
course WL does not automatically put that into the "his time" field . I 
need to report "his time" as a part of the contest log QSO info.

Can I jigger the conversion to move the ADIF "name" field into WL's "his 
time" field? Any ideas?

Jerry  W4UK


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