[WriteLog] SO2R radio control help? -SOLVED!

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Actually, this IS on the K9JY web site! Under Universal Setup, Ports section
it notes:

"Following this process will sometimes still not provide you with Rig
Control. If this is the case, click 'Bands' on the Toolbar and select 'Set
Frequency & Mode...'. Doing so will produce the following dialog box:

(Picture of the actual screen shot mentioned below)

Note at the bottom where it says 'Log the frequency of QSO's.' The drop down
menu needs to match the Com port you selected in the Port dialog box. If you
have selected a Com port and see 'Manual entry' in this field, changing it
will fix the problem."

I need to modify this because you can get to same dialog box by clicking on
Log Entry Window's frequency button as George notes. Either works. But, the
key is that you need to match Comm ports in the Ports dialog and the
Logging/Duping window to enable rig control.

The Universal Setup section is a really good section to know and follow
(IMHO) to be successful with WriteLog for both new users and experienced

CU...Scot, K9JY

See K9JY's WriteLog User Support Site at:

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Hello All,

You may have seen a posting I did yesterday about not being able to achieve
radio control on comm2 in a two radio setup.  Well, the mystery has been
solved and, in my opinion, the solution was damn subtle and one that I could
have fiddled with for a very long time before finding.  I hope this note
help others.

In a phone call with Charlie, K3WW, here is what I discovered:

1.)   Selecting the proper radio on the correct comm port in the SETUP/PORTS
menu is necessary to enact radio control from WL.  However, this is only
of the story.

2.)  You must ALSO go to the Log Entry Wiindow and click on the small window
below the word "Radio" on the left side of the Log Entry Wiindow.  This
window is the one that displays the radio's frequency and mode, or a "No
Rig!" message if no radio is connected.

3.) Clicking on this small "frequency" window will bring up a
Frequency for the current Entry Window" window.  At the bottom of this
window, there is a dropdown box entitled "Log the frequency of QSOs".
Clicking on the dropdown options reveals "Manual entry" and "rig on COMM1",
rig on COMM2", "rig on COMM3", etc. for how ever many comm ports you have on
the computer.

4.)  Selecting "rig on COMMn" for the correct comm port should cause radio
control should come alive immediately. Walla!

I have read WL Help for all references I can find regarding rig control, rig
interfacing, etc. and I find no instructions about the above.  I also
the K9JY web site, 2-Radio Contesting, Software Setup, and it is not
described there either.

NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.  I hope this write-up helps the next guy
or gal who tries to control a radio with WL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

73, George, K5KG

Tnx again, Charlie

George I. Wagner, K5KG
Productivity Resources LLC
941-312-9460 fax
201-415-6044 cell

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