[WriteLog] WF1b/Writelog format SP contest

Pawel, SP7PS sp7ps@bonus.com.pl
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 22:36:51 -0000

Hello Don and Friends,

It is sad information, but SPDX RTTY doesn't accept Cabrillo... There are
separate Contest Commitees for SPDX CW/SSB and for RTTY part.
The software developed by Marek SP7DQR is ONLY for CW/SSB part and the
software doesn't know RTTY mode. Of course Marek could change it, but I
think Cabrillo is not prefered format for Contest Manager of SPDX RTTY.

My suggestion is: make ASCII file by band, ASCII by time, summary sheet and
duplicate list. You can do these three files from WriteLog without editing
it in Notepad.

Best 73's
Pawel, SP7PS
SN7N in contests

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From: "Don Hill AA5AU" <aa5au@bellsouth.net>
To: "Vern" <w9hly@decaturnet.com>; <WriteLog@contesting.com>
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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] WF1b/Writelog format SP contest

> Vern, apparently you missed SP7PS' post to the refector.  Although
> the message did not clearly state that Cabrillo logs would be accepted,
> it did provide a link to a program provided by Marek SP7DQR which
> converts Writelog to Cabrillo.  I have not tried this yet, but the link is
> http://www.bonus.com.pl/hams.
> I already created a Cabrillo file using WT4I Cabrillo tools although
> the SP RVG RTTY Contest is not directly supported for correct
> scroing by WT4I.  Perhaps someone can report on how this new
> program from SP7DQR works.
> From seeing this post, I can only guess that they are accepting Cabrillo
> logs generated by this program.
> You can still send the log as requested in the rules.  First you save your
> WriteLog file as ASCII unformatted by time callsign.ext or callsign.all.
> ou then have to open that file in Notepad and delete all contacts 40-10
> and save that file as callsign.80
> Then open the original ASCII file again and highlight and delete all
> 80, 20, 15 and 10 meter contacts and save as callsign.40
> You have to do this for all bands.
> Also save the WL file as a dupe sheet and create a summary sheet the
normal way.
> When you are finished, you send the following files via E-mail:
> callsign.80
> callsign.40
> callsign.20
> callsign.15
> callsign.10
> callsign.dup
> callsign.sum
> Isn't Cabrillo so much easier??????????
> 73, Don AA5AU
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> Subject: [WriteLog] WF1b/Writelog format SP contest
> > Rules of last weekend SP RTTY contest say their preference is the
> > WF1B format. Does Writelog generate a match or a comparable
> > format and it so what?
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> > Vern W9HLY
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