[WriteLog] S/P mode update

Jamie WW3S jtolbert@gremlan.org
Sat, 5 Jan 2002 09:01:27 -0500

Sounds like you have enter sends exchange invoked; look under Entry and
uncheck it if you don't want that feature. I'm not sure Writelog can tell
whether you are in "run" or "s&p" mode.

To Steve/KB3MM: this relates to our previous discussion about "modes" in
N1MM logger; N1MM  can tell whether running or s&p and "enter sends message"
mode will work like Bob wants it to; if running it will send the exchange
and log; if s&p AND NO s&p message entered it will just put the callsign in
the field WITHOUT sending any message.

73 Jamie WW3S

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> To all who replied I thank you. Somehow my posting got misinterpreted.
> GW3NJW got it i think, i havent tested it out yet but it seems good to me.
> When i am cq ing pressing enter puts the worked station details in the log
> and sends F3. When in S/P mode i want to enter the worked station  details
> in the log but send no reply. Clive thinks Ctrl Enter or Shift Enter will
> this silently. Sounds good to me I just hope he is right, See you all
> de Robert G0URR K.
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