[WriteLog] BW for LSB rtty - rig settings

Robert Wood Robert Wood" <rwood90@houston.rr.com
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Jay on my Yaesu set to LSB I run the IF shift around 9 oclock position
works with the 500 or 250 hz filter this way.   I put writelog laptop on
the 100mv output on the back via audio isolation
transformer.   The packet din plug has a fixed audio out
and it runs to MMTTY on a seperate laptop direct - no isolation
Although ballpark, U can fine tune the IF shift by tuning in RTTY signal
then trying to match the
heights of the two peaks (turn slowly!).   Really shows up well on MMTTY
when you do that and when you change filter BW.

FYI:   On a TS-850 on IRI 250 hz filter I have to turn the low cut up to
12 oclock in LSB.

73 Robert W5AJ

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I operated the ARRL RTTY contest with the following set-up:

Yaesu FT990 set to LSB
AF Out on radio to the sound input jack on Compaq Presario computer (not
microphone input)
TU type = Sound Board AFSK
45 Baud (60 wpm baudot)

I have four filters on the radio. I found that I could copy consistently
using the widest (2.4K) filter, generally OK using the 2.0K filter, and
at all with the narrower (.5 and .25) filters. This meant that I could not
isolate any of the weaker signals.

Using a regular set-up for RTTY (i.e. using the TU to decode the signals)
can use the .5 filter. I suspect that I am missing something here. Singal
levels at the RTTY jack and AF out jack are the same (100mVrms at 600
Can anyone help me on this?

73 de Jay
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