R: [WriteLog] Installation of the SM6SRW module

AS asalvatico@tin.it
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:24:27 +0100

Hi Jorgen,

unfortunately the mail from my address to your address @arrl.net is refused
by your server.. dont know why, anyhow,
thank you very much for the help. You are fully right with your diagnosys, I
have two lines in the .ini file including double backslash \\. Correct and
the installation took place perfectly. Must say that I should use a little
bit more my brain..

Again, thanks and best 73

Alessandro, I2SVA

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Hello, Alessandro --

The error you are getting is very likely the result of problems in your
WriteLog.INI file in the lines where file paths are listed.  For instance,
check the line in  [Multipliers] pointing to your WL
directory.  It's possible you may have a double backslash \\ where only one
is needed, or the path may otherwise not be correctly pointing to the place
where the module installer is expecting it to be.  Any of these problems can
cause the installer to refuse to go forward.

So, open the INI file with Notepad or another plain text editor (no
formatting!) and check those file pointers for errors.

Here is an extract from my WL INI file for reference -- I keep my files in
D:\Writelog, so just substitute your own placement for mine.





Quite a few WL users have stumbled over this, and the solution is not
obvious at first look.  Hope this will help you get the modules installed.


Jon,  K1US     Cape Porpoise, Maine

Support -->   www.eQSL.cc
See if one is waiting for you!

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From: "AS" <asalvatico@tin.it>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 21:17 PM
Subject: [WriteLog] Installation of the SM6SRW module

| When trying to install, the process abort with a fatal (red cross) error,
| with the following indication:
| An error occurred during moving process:-100
| Component: Anatolian..
| FileGroup: Anatolian..
| File: C:\ham\\
| I have tried moving the zipped file WLCM_SM6SRW_011030 into different
| directories, without any change.
| Writelog rel 10.30b is correctly installed into the default directory
| c:\ham\
| If I deselect the first Contest of the group (Anatolian), then I get the
| same messagge and abort at the second module of the list, and so on..
| Am I doing something wrong?
| Thanks for any help.
| Alessandro I2SVA
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