[WriteLog] Need info on 8 port serial interface PCI expansion boards

wa9als wa9als@starband.net
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 19:45:07 -0500

> I have the best results with network based controllers. These are
> boxes and/or cards which emulate various types of serial ports but
> install as a network driver. The driver then routes serial data to and
> from the controller. They come in both internal and external
> versions. The external requires that you be on a network. I run both
> Comtrol and Maxspeed here with great sucess. For more info see:
> http://www.comtrol.com
> http://www.maxspeed.com

Ahhh, my [last] namesake shows us some options I wasn't aware of -
network-based serial expanders!


      Device Driver Control
      --Data Bits 7 or 8
      --Parity Odd, Even, or None
      --Stop Bits 1 or 2