[WriteLog] Logfile Version Compatibility

Darack, Zev Zev.Darack@banklink.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 10:34:23 -0400

There was a comment in one of the release notes that you can not network
versions after 10.31 with versions before 10.31 because of difference in the
format in order to handle large logs.  You can probably export either log to
ADIF and import it to the other one.


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Subject: [WriteLog] Logfile Version Compatibility

This past field day the club used my laptop with WriteLog V10.33C for SSB.
The person who is integrating the SSB and CW logs is trying to do so with an
earlier version of WriteLog.  I do not know how much earlier at this point.

He is getting a page fault.  It could be that the SSB log got corrupted
coming over in the mail so I have sent him another copy.  On the other hand
it could also be that the earlier version of WriteLog is tripping over some
change in the logfile's format.  I did a quick scan of the revision history
back to 10.23 and didn't see anything that specifically stated that the
logfiles internal format had changed.

Has anyone else had similar problems, or does anyone else know definitively
whether 10.33C is/isn't compatible with some previous version?

Cheers & 73s,

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