[WriteLog] MMTTY delay problem

Jon Harder jon@praxisworks.org
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 17:16:44 -0000


Have you tried checking different soundcard priority options on the Misc

When running WL under XP on an Athlon 1700+, I've found that for one
instance of MMTTY, the "Normal" setting stops the behavior you described.
With two instances (SO2R), "Higher" works best.   Any other combination
results (for me ) in unexplained hangs and carrier with no FSK.

For MMTTY stand-alone, also need to check "Normal."

One of those wierd alchemy things, I guess.  Everyone I've consulted with
about this seems to find a slightly different MMTTY sweet-spot, depending on
the card.  FWIW, am using an SB 16 PCI along with on-board C-Media audio
chip.  Could be worth some cut-and-try.


Jon     K1US

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Subject: [WriteLog] MMTTY delay problem

> There is an oddity with MMTTY I can't quite get fixed.
> I'm running MMTTY under Windows XP home version.  The problem is
> sometimes - maybe once out of 20 or so - MMTTY takes several
> seconds to return to RX mode at the end of a macro.  It just
> transmits a carrier without diddle for about three seconds and
> then finally returns to RX.  Also, but less often, the same delay
> happens at the start of a macro.  The problem exists only when
> using macros.  Using F9 (running MMTTY stand alone) to start and
> stop transmission always works properly.
> After lots of experimenting, I found that inserting a tilde
> character (~) just before the \ character at the end of the macro
> apparently fixes the problem when running MMTTY stand alone, but
> not when using it with WriteLog.  I doubt this is a "real" fix,
> but rather compensation for some underlying issue.
> So my question is how to make WriteLog behave.  Any suggestions?
> And does anyone know what causes the problem in the first place?
> BTW, the problem does not happen using WriteLog with a separate
> TNC such as a DXP-38.  It seems to be something inherent with
> All suggestions appreciated.  Thanks in advance,
> 73, Bill W7TI
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