[WriteLog] Help! 4 pin DIN plug

wa9als wa9als@starband.net
Sat, 8 Jun 2002 12:52:46 -0500

> I just called Radio shack, AES and HRO trying to find a 4 pin DIN plug for
> the FSK input on an FT-1000D. None of them had one or knew where to find
> one. Can any of you guys point me too a source?
> Thanks a bunch!
> Ed, W4EP

It's your lucky day!

If you smile real nice and promise to be nice to someone on the ham
reflectors today, I could put the following in the mail to you:

1.  1 new 4-pin DIN for the Yaesu
2.  1 cable with 4-pin DIN on one end and a stereo 1.8 in plug on the other.
If you don't need the stereo plug, I'll cut it off prior to sending.

(used to have an MP)