[WriteLog] WORKED B-4

Barry w2up@mindspring.com
Sat, 8 Jun 2002 20:15:29 -0000

WHy do you want to send that info? It takes more time to start an 
argument about being a dupe than it does just to work the guy again. 
There's nothing wrong with leaving dups in the log!
If the guy is a dupe, there are a few possibilities:
1. He's not computer logging and it really is a dupe. So what?
2. The first time he worked you, he miscopied your call, so this really is 
a new QSO for him. Give him the points.
3. When you worked him before, he was really working somebody else, 
so he's not in your log, and if you don't work him again, you will lose 
points for your first "QSO" with him.

Bottom line - just work him!
Barry W2UP

On 8 Jun 2002 WD5DBV@cs.com wrote:

> When I run up on a dupe it tell me that I work b4 and time and band but how 
> do I send that info. Also I get the message xx qso since last saved. How do I 
> save the qso can't seem to get it to save without quitting Writelog. Thanks 
> for the help. Roy
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