[WriteLog] Rotor Control w/XP; also Comport Issues

Donald Eriksen don.wsixffh@verizon.net
Sat, 8 Jun 2002 15:33:53 -0700

Al - Don't know the answer to question 1, but on #2, are you using WL
version 10.32E by any chance? If so are you aware of the mis-numbering of
com ports in the Port set-up window? Port numbers are off by one (they start
with zero in the table, but are really correct ) this is to be fixed in a
later version per Wayne. Everything works as set up before, but if you
change things you have to be aware. Com 0 in the table is really com 1 etc.
down the line. So, if you assign com 2 to the radio/CW per the setup Ports,
you're really trying to assign it to com 3 where the Rotator is. With this
in mind, you can probably see the other mis-alignments you have.

If you're not using 10.32E, then I've not helped you and wasted some
bandwidth. I hope that's the problem though, sure sounds likely.


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> Writeloggers:
> Just replaced old computer with new one running XP.  Ham logging programs
> are Writelog for contesting and DXBase for general logging.
> On the new computer, everything works FB on DXBase, including rotor and
> radio control, CW, etc.
> Wrtielog is fine except for two things:
> 1.  Rotor control  -- Not functioning.  Use Orion 2800 on Com 3.  Works
> fine with DXBase, but not Writelog.  Could this be due to missing drivers
> in XP? (This was a problem for CW keying in DXBase).  Any ideas??
> 2.  Comports: strange behavior.  Although the radio and cw control work
> fine, the comport assignments are strange:  I attempted to assign radio/cw
> to Com 2, which is how the radio is connected, and this works as normal in
> DXBase.  In Writelog, however, when I try to assign Com 2 to radio/cw,
> Writelog complains that Com 2 is already in use (which it is not); and, on
> its own, the computer assigns radio/cw to com 1, according to the port
> setup menu in Writelog.  Com 1 is assigned to PTT by MMTTY, and that's the
> way it's connected to the radio (an Icom 756 Pro II).  BUT -- for some
> reason -- the radio/cw control functions properly in Writelog in this
> manner. (And the PTT works fine in MMTTY).  The Writelog configuration
> in the Windows directory shows both radio and cw control assigned to Com
> 2!  What in the world is going on here?
> Any thoughts or suggestions about how to deal with either or both of these
> issues would be greatly appreciated.
> With thanks and 73,
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