[WriteLog] sending CW (PC & Key at the same time)

Darack, Zev Zev.Darack@banklink.com
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:12:35 -0400

get a Y plug that fits into the back of your rig so you can plug them both

73, Zev N2WKS

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Subject: [WriteLog] sending CW (PC & Key at the same time)

Can someone please help me with the circuit / wiring for use with the 
Icom 706MkII and writelog? I can only plug in one morse key into the 
back of the 706, so in a contest, it appears that it has to be either 
the computer or the key but not both!! 

                   Can you help ? email om6rm@qsl.net 

thank you


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