[WriteLog] Fw: VHF QSO Party

Jim Brannigan jbrannig@optonline.net
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 08:25:03 -0400

I received this from the ARRL in response to a query about the RS(T) problem

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From: "Henderson, Dan N1ND" <dhenderson@arrl.org>
To: "'Jim Brannigan'" <jbrannig@optonline.net>
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 08:19
Subject: RE: VHF QSO Party

> Jim:
> Any submission that receives a numbered receipt is in the queue.   Anyone
> who receives a message citing the problem of RS(T)s may ignore the
> listed.  I have asked the person who programs the robot to try and find a
> way to deal with this.
> The issue is that some people send RSTs and some do not.  They are not
> required for VHF exchanges.  When the robot scans a QSO line, it is
> for the information in a certain order.  After the callsign, it is looking
> for an Alpha-numeric sequence (grid square).  When it reads a number first
> (RST), it says "oops, this isn't what I am expecting" and flags it.
> I have asked the person who developed and programmed the robot to see if
> can figure a way to handle this.
> The option at this time is to simply not scan QSO lines for any errors.
> This would mean that any log with a serious problem - such as no grid
> squares listed or no callsigns showing - would slip through, creating a
> problem when the logs are checked later.  This is certainly not what any
> us want to see happen.
> Anyone who receives a numbered receipt has a valid log in the queue.  The
> scanning of the log when submitted is not when log checking takes place -
> they are two separate processes.  Anyone who receives a numbered receipt
> shows QSO line errors due to the RSTs in the log may ignore the problems
> cited.  The log is saved in tact - those QSOs are not removed.  The
> log will be scored during the log checking process.
> Anyone with any questions may contact me.  Thanks and 73
> Dan Henderson, N1ND
> ARRL Contest Branch Manager