[WriteLog] ARRL VHF

Edward Palagyi edkn4y@infi.net
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:17:10 -0400

Thanks for all the comments regarding the robot and the ARRL VHF QSO party. I decided to 
delete the RST fields and resubmit my log. But I had forgotten when I put the disk it was on, I 
got to start putting labels on the disks. So I went back to Writelog and generated another 
cabrillo log. Lo and behold there were no RST fields this time. I have the lastest version. I 
sent the log in and the robot was happy. If you have the latest version of Writelog and had the 
same problem I had, just generate another Cabrillo log and that should cure the problem. 
Guess it takes two to tango.