[WriteLog] [RTTY] Multi-port serial boards

Ron Stordahl ronald.stordahl@digikey.com
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:42:38 -0500

With the 2 com ports built into the motherboard plus 8 ports from 2 4 port
Byterunner PCI cards I have 10 com ports (COM1 thru COM10) and they all work
just fine.  They are about a year old, so maybe they are of the revision
that work.  I can't verify that they generate RTTY directly ( I am using an
external tnc (PK900)).  My port usage is 1-CT-17 (for ICOM radion control),
2-W5XD MultiKeyer, 3-PK900 TNC, 4-Idiom Press Rotor Control and 5-MFJ1270C
tnc for VHF packet.  While this would not require both Byterunner cards, I
put both in as a part of my beta testing of DXBase2003 so I could test COM6
thru COM10 using WindowsXP.  In fact I tested all 10 com ports with these
devices and they all worked.

So I am sold on them.  And the guy at Byterunner said he would take them
back if they didn't work.  I am keeping them.

The 2 on board COM ports each take an IRQ (the usual 3 and 4).  All 8
Byterunner com ports share a single IRQ (9).

As I said I have not generated RTTY directly with COM port output (5 bit),
but I figure if the Byterunners don't do that I can always use the built in
COM1 and COM2 to do that.

If someone is using the Byterunner PCI's to generate RTTY I would like to
hear about it.

Ron N5IN

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> Hi all,
> My second station computer died, so I'm planning to replace it. As all
> the new systems now are PCI only, I'm looking for recommendations for
> a 4 COM port PCI card that shares 1 IRQ. My current one is the ISA
> Byterunner which has worked flawlessly. I recall hearing about
> problems with the PCI version of the Byterunner a few years ago. Is it
> fixed now?
> Tnx,
> Barry
> P.S. I will be selling the ISA 4 COM port board I have now, if anyone is
> interested. I'll also be selling my HAL P38--
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