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	We are setting up for FD using an FT-890 as one of our CW stations.  We are keying using the LPT1 port, however when selecting the FT-890 driver in the Port Setup we got erroneous results during each handshake.  Changed the selected rig to the FT-900 and everything cleared up.  I would give that a try.

Dell 3000 with Windows 98 v2 and WL V10.32e using the Yaesu RS232 conversion box (FIF-232C)

73s de Steve, KT4Q

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Glad that I started my laptop setup for FD early on....

Using the same NA CW serial interface I use on the desktop it won't key the
laptop. The desktop keys my FT1000D but the laptop won't key the FT890.

Using the same protocols as on the desktop and have changed WL.ini so COM1
matches the XP settings.

Any ideas on what I might be missing would be appreciated.

Thanks and 73,
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