[WriteLog] BayPac modem & Writelog

Bruce A. King Bruce A. King" <baking@gis.net
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 22:41:23 -0400

>From time to time there have been queries on the reflector about getting the
BayPac BP-2M modem running as a TNC using Writelog. Thanks to some neat
software (and a lot of hard work I'm sure) from SV2AGW and IZ4AFW, it now
works. Here are some rough notes on how to do it.

Download and install the software from SV2AGW for the packet engine. You may
also wish to download the corresponding software for the terminal and
monitor programs as well. This software is at

Download and install the Telnet interface from IZ4AFW, including the latest
upgrade. This software is at

You will need to configure the packet engine to work with the BayPac modem.
This is straightforward, the only problem that I ran into was needing to
change the speed from the default 9600 baud to 1200 baud.

You will also need to configure the Telnet interface, but this is also

Start the packet engine, start the Telnet interface, start Writelog, then
start Writelog Packet Terminal. Connect via Telnet using the default
localhost address and port info from the Telnet interface.

You may want to also run the AGW monitor program for the first time. This
allows you to see what is actually getting sent and may be helpful. The
first time I tried the setup, the cluster node and my system got out of sync
which required restarting the  Telnet interface program. I have passed spots
to the cluster, and spots show up in the Packet Spot window as usual.

My next challenge is to figure out how to access the cluster via telnet from
a second computer. Connecting from a second computer using Writelog's Local
Network works fine.

Bruce W1CSM