[WriteLog] Some comments about my last posting.

W0eea@aol.com W0eea@aol.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 04:21:44 EDT

Hello WriteLog users,

Some comments about my last posting.

First to those of you who have answered my last posting by emailing me=20
directly:  Since none of you gave me permission to quote you
I will not do so.  Thank you all for your input and comments about=20
the VHF/UHF bugs. =20

To those who suggested that I should have sent that posting to Wayne:
I sent information to various places about some of the bugs before=20
the June contest,  along with a plea that a bug fix would be nice=20
before the contest.  One of those messages was answered,  but no=20
fixes were made.  (In all honesty the time between the messages=20
and the contest was fairly short and not all the information went=20
directly to the correct person.)  My reasons for putting the post=20
on the reflector were to let as many people know of both the problems=20
and the time line for any fixes that do come out.  I've been following=20
other threads on the reflector about how good the response is to such=20
problems,  so I wanted this out where all could follow it,  and see=20
how fast the response is.

Another reason I put it on the reflector was that I wanted to see if=20
anyone else was having the same problems.  Again without directly
quoting replys,  I have heard from others that say they have been=20
complaining about the six meter duping problem (#4 in my post) for
years without a fix. =20
Another reply prompts a question from me.  That reply came from=20
someone on the crew of another multioperator station.  To that person:
Did you get all twelve of your captive rovers on the road in June?
[As a former captive rover for AA9D's crew and then an operator at
the main station while others drove the rovers I put together,  that=20
is a point that interests me.]

To those who suggested that #1 in my previous post wasn't a 'bug':
First CT and several other programs do duping the way I was suggesting.
Also to those who believed that WriteLog wouldn't dup and score properly
unless rover calls were entered as R=D8VER/grid:  WriteLog dups and
scores logs properly without the grid attached to the call sign.
And if you really want to enter rovers in that manner,  after #1 is=20
fixed you can just use a different character between the call and the
grid,  say '-' instead of '/'.

Finally since most of the comments have been positive and in favor of the=20
fixes suggested,  thank you again for the comments and I hope we all see
results soon.



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