[WriteLog] SO2R with two soundboards

John Cashen vk4uc@ozemail.com.au
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:57:46 +1000

For most of the past 10 months I have been inactive. During that time I had 
thought how great it would be if my newly assembled SO2R station could 
benefit exclusively from soundboard decoding using either 2 copies of RITTY 
4.53 or RITTY using one board and MMTTY using the other. Just yesterday I 
installed a Soundblaster SB-16 ISA board next a Soundblaster AWE-64 ISA in 
my AMD-K6 500MHz PC.  Win98SE successfully absorbed the second board and, 
after about an hour, I had figured out how to control the audio I/O of each 
board separately.The SB-16 PNP installation produced two conflicts which I 
easily eliminated manually.

  I first tried to run 2xRITTY, but it would only work with one board. 
After reading again page 4 of the RITTY documentation it became clear why 
the two soundboard setup wasn't working. RITTY uses the SET BLASTER 
statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT  to find the soundboard. Apparently there can 
only one such statement as the PNP feature in the SB-16 makes sure of that 
when it sets that statement during boot up.

Perhaps someone has a bright idea about how to get around this roadblock.

After trying everything I could think of, I gave up(temporarily) and 
decided to try and put MMTTY on the other channel. This installation went 
easily and now I have two superb software-based DSP decoders operating 
simultaneously  under WRITELOG. It will be easy to make side by side 
comparisons of the two under a variety of conditions.

John  VK4UC