[WriteLog] SO2R with RITTY and MMTTY

Mike nasfred@1bigred.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 19:19:09 -0500

Hello Jim,

RITTY works great with WL.  When using RITTY with WL, you can still select
the filters from the RITTY window along with switching between reverse
receiver and/or transmit and change the flywheel capability.

Not sure what other parameters you would want to adjust in a contest.  You
should set-up several paramters prior to using RITTY with WL.  For example,
the filter size, center freq., shift, etc.  

	Mike, K4GMH

At 02:07 AM 3/28/02 -0800, Jim Smith wrote:
>I also use RITTY with WL.  Sometimes it seems to work well on weaker 
>signals and sometimes it doesn't.  (No multipath or polar flutter.)  I 
>have this feeling that if the audio level isn't right RITTY doesn't work 
>as well as it can.  I have tried running it by itself in a DOS box and, 
>with audio levels adjusted appropriately using the settings available in 
>RITTY it was great.  Under WL the ability to set RITTY parameters 
>doesn't seem to be there and the performance is far from great.  i.e. if 
>the relatively weak signal were cw instead of RTTY it would be solid 
>copy as opposed to mostly garbage.
>Do you RITTY users get good weak signal performance from RITTY when used 
>with WL?
>Am I missing something?
>73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO
>John Cashen wrote:
>> During my shortened BARTG effort(I even missed XR0X, although I did 
>> hear his pileup) I took a little time to compare RITTY with MMTTY.
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