[WriteLog] Attn soundcard gurus

WA9ALS - John wa9als@starband.net
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 21:59:03 -0500

Not a WriteLog issue directly, but intimately related to my ability to use

I suffered a little virus problem recently, and have been getting things
back together again.  This required a WIN2000 repair and reinstallation of
many apps.

In the process, I lost the ability to use my Soundblaster Live Value card,
but not the ability to use my Soundblaster 16 PCI card.  The mixer appears
to work OK, EXCEPT that the balance sliders are all dimmed in the Recording
controls.  The card appears not to function at all (no audio to any sound

I have disabled the card, re-enabled and reinstalled drivers etc etc to no
avail.  Anyone else been down this errant path?  Tnx