[WriteLog] Icom control within Writelog for RTTY - help pls

Pawel, SP7PS sp7ps@bonus.com.pl
Thu, 16 May 2002 18:57:14 -0000

Hello Phil,

I do not know ICOM radios, but have you tried the following configuration:

1. For CI-V set port number in "main" SETUP
2. For FSK choose the right port (different from CI-V's port) in RTTY window
(there is menu "Port" in RTTY window, too).

Is that working now? I hope it helps.

Best 73's
Pawel, SP7PS

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Subject: [WriteLog] Icom control within Writelog for RTTY - help pls

> Hi all,
> I appreciate most folk are at Dayton right now, so this may not be a good
> time to ask, BUT:
> I have my IC756, and I have made a lead to go from ACC1 to a COM port, and
> the soundcard, with wires for PTT, FSK, and audio in to the PC, plus one
> AFSK from PC to ACC1, as per the handbook.
> I also have a lead that will be used for CI-V that is on a seperate COM
> port. I assume this only handles band data, again as per handbook. It has
> 3.5mm jack at the end of it.
> OK so far. But, how do I get Writelog to understand that FSK is on one
> whilst the required band data comes from another port?
> I thought I had this all sorted in my mind, but it doesn't look as though
> am there yet.
> Can anyone set me straight with this??
> Thanks in advance.............. and best 73 de Phil GU0SUP
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