[WriteLog] Erratic Cw

Dave nr1dx@arrl.net
Mon, 27 May 2002 11:44:21 +0000


If the earlier change to the writelog.ini file didn't solve the problem,,, 
then make sure  that you don't have a program called "FINDFAST.EXE" running 
in the background . I think but am not sure that this is the a WIN98 
equivalent to an old DOS TSR which is loaded in the background. I suspect 
that either MS WORD or MS OFFICE SUITE installs this little  port hog 
without asking during installation. Go to FIND FILES and look for it and 
rename it.


PS: Was thinking of you the other day when I was standing thigh deep in a 
little trout stream up here playing "tug-of-war" with a 16 inch brown 
trout  8^)

At 05:16 AM 5/27/02 +0000, Garry Shapiro wrote:
>Would someone point me in the right direction on this one?
>So far, I have "dabbled" with WL--a serious Sweepstakes effort, both modes,
>and lesser participations in several other contests. In CW WPX, I
>encountered a condition that I am sure is familiar to many of you, but was
>new to me. In sending CW from the program, I frequently experienced delayed
>characters, stretched-out characters, etc. In fact, I often sounded like a
>total klutz. As I said, I don't recall experiencing this before.
>The computer is a 550 MHz P3, 256 MB RAM, plenty of H/D space. I run Win 98
>SE, and use LPT1 for CW, with the same cable and transistor switch I have
>used for a decade with CT, without incident. I turned off every other
>software program except AtomTime--which only updates upon request. (I need
>to keep that one active because two identical ABIT motherboards have each
>had wandering real-time clocks.)
>Garry, NI6T
>160 meters---not a band but an obsession
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