[WriteLog] Erratic CW

Alan Maenchen ad6e@inreach.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 17:18:53 -0000

Not sure if that will help.  This weekend in WPX, the station I was
operating used TR and it also had erratic CW. The problem there was traced
to the floppy backup which simply locked up TR completely for several
seconds .. no CW, no manual CW (hand key connected to computer), and no
keyboard entry either. After WL, it seemed very primitive.

The solution to WL keying is to either use the external keyer or minimize
background disk accesses by Windoze. The suggestion to rename FASTFIND is a
good one. I'll try that next time out.

Al  AD6E

> From: "Rajiv Dewan, N2RD" <n2rd@arrl.net>
> To: "Denis   Campbell" <aa0yx1@attbi.com>,
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> Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Erratic CW
> Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 11:10:12 -0400
> Indeed.  I have a 450 MHz PIII and I do mostly CW contesting.  I have
> back to TR.
> Regards,
> Rajiv, N2RD