[WriteLog] 2 sound cards with writelog ??

Bill Lakatosh wlakatos@nrao.edu
Wed, 29 May 2002 15:05:47 -0400


       I just purchased WriteLog at Dayton, still trying to figure out 
all it has to offer. I do have one basic question. When I  put two sound 
cards in my computer, a Dell 1.2 Ghz machine, I could not get the 
machine to boot up. Only after removing one of the boards did my machine 
boot up normally.

        The boards I used were two Sound Blaster Live, 32 bit cards. 
Wonder what I missed in the installation ?  The single board works very 
well, in fact I tried both boards and they both work well as a single 
board. Only when I put both in and try to run the machine do I have a 

         There is probably something obvious I'm missing, any advice 
would be greatly appreciated !

very Much !,  Bill  W4TJ