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Barry w2up@mindspring.com
Thu, 02 Jan 2003 23:54:07 -0000

Sometimes it's something obvious. For example:
Is the correct channel (R/L) selected?
Are you sure there IS audio going into the sound card mic or line in? 
Connect headphones to the mini phone plug w/clipleads check.
In your soundcard mixer software, are you selecting the correct input 
(mic vs line in vs CD, etc)?
Does it work with MMTTY as a native program, without WL?
In MMTTY, are the filters and baudrate set correctly? How about 
polarity of the mark and space tones?
How long did you stand on your head?
Barry, W2UP

On 2 Jan 2003 David J. Strout - W2YC wrote:

> Frustration fails to adequately express it all.  Use P4, 2.6, WinXP Pro,
> Asus board with
> sound card on mb.    Integrated MMTTY into WriteLog.  Xmits fine..  No
> receive even
> if I stand on my head.  Have read all of Don's material and anything else I
> could get my hands on including
> on line manual.  Every config I try does not work.  Screen shows noise being
> received but no rtty characters printed. Writelog soundboard test is 7f.
> Any ideas?
> Tnx, Dave, W2YC
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