[WriteLog] WL Roundup problem

Mark, K5AM k5am@zianet.com
Sat, 04 Jan 2003 00:58:38 +0000

At 23:28 2003-01-03, you wrote:
>You do have to go into Contest - Exchange Format Setup and check QTH
>as a Required field, the hit SAVE.

Don, I did all this before I put up the original posting,
but it just doesn't work for DX stations. Try it!  .. 10.37B


Mark, K5AM    NM


Original Posting:

WL Roundup problem.

In Contest - Exchange Format Setup - I have the
"QTH"  field marked:

"Required. Field is required for entry in log."

This works fine for W/VE, I cannot enter a station
without getting the state/province. But not for DX.
WL allows me to enter a DX station without putting
the NR into the "QTH" space. If I forget, I would
likely get a penalty!

What am I doing wrong?

Mark, K5AM