[WriteLog] RE: WriteLog digest, Vol 1 #835 - 18 msgs

Don Melcher don@hfradio.com
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 08:48:08 -0800

Phil - have you tried changing the radio's CI-V address to that for a
706 - 48 - and setting it to the same baud rate as you set WL and
selecting 706 as the radio for WL? It will probably work - at least for
2 & 70 cm - but wouldn't surprise me if 23cm worked too. 

With the exception of an IC735 (and maybe a couple of other minor issues
- like splits - with maybe a 781 if I recall correctly) - I don't think
WL cares what the radio model is - just so the address is something it
can read - and you can edit the address in the .ini - but it REALLY
doesn't matter

i.e.: I use a 756proII - and (at least the version of WL I am currently
running - 10.32e) doesn't have that radio listed - but I am using 756PRO
selection in WL by setting the radio's address to 5C - the address for a
756PRO. As I recall - when I hooked my 706MKIIG up to WL -it read the 2M
& 70CM frequencies just fine - using the 706 setting.


Message: 12
From: "Phil Theis" <phil@k3tuf.com>
To: <writelog@contesting.com>
Subject: RE: [WriteLog] New rig to the list:  IC-910
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 18:10:10 -0500

The rig is the Icom IC-910.  It's an all mode 2m, 70cm, and 23cm rig
that I will use for the VHF sweepstakes this month.
What is the process to get rig data encoded?   is it hard coded?  or is
there a script file that can be edited?

Unlikely - what rig?

What are the chances of getting a new rig added to the writelog list of
rigs before the vhf sweeps??? tnx Phil