[WriteLog] Review of last test

Richard Zalewski w7zr@citlink.net
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 07:14:18 -0700

Well, I finally fixed the "No Rig" problem.  What was happening was that
after the rig keyed after entering a qso for a brief moment it displayed "No
Rig".  It never caused a problem.  It happened at all power levels and into
a dummy load.  I changed the baud rate from 19200 on my IC775 to 4800 and
the problem disappeared.  Was it the CI-V interface, the radio, or the

What fun the last test was (RTTY Roundup) with Writelog.  I had many
different windows open and ran with MMTTY and things worked flawlessly.  Not
to say that my wish list doesn't continue but the program was great.

Dick W7ZR

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