[WriteLog] MMTTY problem

Phil Cooper Phil Cooper" <pcooper@guernsey.net
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 18:09:25 -0000

Hi Don and the group,

Well, I did send this text yesterday, but I haven't seen it come back!

Not to be outdone, I too reported this "problem" after doing the upgrade to
MMTTY v1.63 after playing in the OK contest.

When I pressed F-keys, I would get varying lengths of "diddle" before it cut
out. Sometimes, it just briefly keyed the Tx, on others it actually sent a
few diddles.
I tried pressing ESC a few times, which - at first - appeared to cure the
problem, but I later found that was not the answer, just coincidence.
I also tried messing around with the various settings, and "seemed" to
reduce the instance of this, but it hasn't gone away.
During the OK contest, I ended up re-booting,  which "appeared" to cure the
problem, but I now know this was not the case.

As per Al WB2JEP, I am now also seeing odd characters at the beginning of
the transmission, to the point where - in the OK contest - I tried calling
Jeff 9H0A, and it kept coming out as OH0A, and that really confused me!
I know they are not transmitted, BUT - this did NOT occur with v1.62.

My set-up is as follows:

Writelog v10.38
MMTTY v1.62
Win 98SE
PC is a PIII 700 MHz machine with 384MB RAM, 40GB HDD, SB128 soundcard.

I thought I had a copy of MMTTY v1.62 somewhere, but I can't find it right
now! Ain't that always the way? It is probably archived somewhere "safe"!

How about someone putting the basic exe file of v1.62 on a site somewhere,
and I would gladly try it out again.

73 all de Phil GU0SUP