[WriteLog] ptt, cw and rig control on 1 com

Dirk Desloovere Dirk Desloovere" <d.desloovere@skynet.be
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 14:59:18 +0100


I am using a ft1000mp mkV with writelog.=20
I use one com port for  ptt ,cw and rig control .

When using WL and mmtty module,  ver 1.63 in AFSK , I have sometimes a =
lock of my the soundcard line out .
The line out lock up occurs also with mmtty ver 1.62.

The rig still communicates with WL and the PTT is also working, but no =
audio output anymore.

The port setup  is   CW com 2 , RIG ON COM 2 , YEASU FT 1000MP, Baudrate =
4800, POLL yes, PTT NO (when PTT  Yes : same problem occurs,  when PTT  =
SYNCR  the problems occurs very fast)  polling is set to 600 in the ini =
file  (600ms).
 All mode PTT on CW port RTS is marked.

I need to restart the PC again, the program runs again for a while  =
sometimes 5 minutes sometimes for hours.

I have never had such problem with my previous Kenwood TS850S.

Does any WL user has experience with a mkV on the same COM, or is the =
rule of interfacing never rigcontrol and PTT/CW on the same COM ?=20

ON4ADZ  =20

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