[WriteLog] comparison with the competiion. input requested

Barry N1EU n1eu@hotmail.com
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 15:46:50 -0500

Wayne, I've used N1MM Logger a fair amount during several contests this 
season.  I'll make a few comments off the top of my head.  As I've mentioned 
on this reflector before, and didn't see an overwhelming response to, is the 
fact that Logger does, and Writelog doesn't, fully support dual vfo's and 
dual receive in the FT-1000MP.  You get a bandmap for each vfo and can 
keystroke switch between them and send spots to either vfo and enable 
transmit on either vfo, as well as turn dual receive on and off.  I've 
suggested that Writelog adds this - perhaps in a SO2R emulation mode where 
radio 2 is actually vfo B.  The introduction of the Ten-Tec Orion in the 
near future will further blur the line between SO1R and SO2R - SO1.5R if you 
will, since it even has separate Band Data outputs for each vfo to drive 2 
amps, etc.  Will WriteLog be able to support its capabilities or merely 
treat it as a single radio?

Another nice feature of Logger is it will automatically add a call to the 
bandmap in S&P mode if you enter a callsign and then tune your rig to 
another freq.  Logger also sends correct messages on enter key presses, 
depending on whether your are in "Run" mode or "S&P mode" and where cursor 
is in entry window.  It automatically detects whether you are in "run" or 
"S&P" as well.  It's a smart program ;-)

As I said, just a few comments off the top of my head since you asked.

Barry N1EU

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