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Donald Eriksen don.wsixffh@verizon.net
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 13:26:20 -0800

I have to get my two cents worth in and say "kudos" to Leon, N5PU and Tom,
WX4TM in their recent postings. I read all the "wishes" for all kinds of
special function keys and other things and while I read them all with
interest and due respect, I just go back to my good old FKeys software in
RTTY contests and operate with what WriteLog has for Phone tests (don't do
much CW unfortunately, would like to but takes more talent than I can muster
at age 72), and I have a ball and can honestly say contests done that way
are fun, not a lot of pressure and tension. So There!
So, newcomers take heart, It's not as bad as it sounds sometimes.

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Hi All,
Just want to echo what Tom, WX4TM has said about WL and the F Keys add-on..
I too use them and have an OLD FT990 with a force 12 and dipoles for 40 and
80.  Really had a lot of fun in the RU.  Isn't that what contesting is
supposed to be?  Or do we get a million bucks for first place?   When it
stops being fun, I will leave ham radio and contesting!
Some of you guys are taking it too serious! LOL
Leon N5PU

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