[WriteLog] DVS-2 keying

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Hi Robin. It might be possible but you would need to hack into the DVS2 pcb
and in any case you would only be duplicating the things that WL can do
itself. Take a look at this site for a neat interface cct, now if only
someone would design a pcb for it! http://granta.digital-crocus.com/  I am
currently wiring up my own interface based on a pcb a friend produced for me
from the NA DVK interface. Everything is there except the control line
enabling. I am adding a couple of transistor switches for that.

Chris Burbanks  G3SJJ

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Has anyone used a DVS-2 recorder keyed with WL and an FT1000d ?
I don't think there is a way of externally keying the unit but it would
be good if it could be done from the parallel port and an f key
Robin Thompson

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