[WriteLog] Update to FKeys utility

Keith Regli keith@kregli.com
Sat Jan 18 23:33:12 EST 2003

It's been almost a year since I've updated the FKeys utility.  In the
interim I've moved and changed calls, but haven't seen much need for an
update.  Since WriteLog has gone through several versions and there are
a lot of new WriteLog users it seems useful to catch up.  A couple of
minor problems have been pointed out and I've tried to correct those.
I've also added all the new WriteLog commands to the configuration
window.  I rewrote the documentation, hopefully improving it.  One
little glitch, "Tune" shows up in the list as Tune rather than

For those who haven't tried it, FKeys is a program operating in
conjunction with WriteLog that implements most WriteLog menu functions
and F1-SF12 as buttons on a small window that floats on your screen.
You can configure the buttons to your operating style.  

You can download it from my website below for free.  As always, don't
bug Wayne about it if you have problems, there is no formal connection
to WriteLog.

Keith Regli (K7KAR)

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