[WriteLog] HA DX Contest Bugs

The Trench Family cwtrench@sprynet.com
Sun Jan 19 17:38:02 EST 2003

I operated the HA DX Contest using Writelog Version 10.38D and noted the
following bugs:

1.	Scoring for NA QSOs is incorrect.  Writelog leaves the point column blank
for NA (same continent) QSOs - the rules for the contest indicate that these
QSOs should be worth 1 point.

2.	The QTH field is not wide enough.  The QTH field will only accept three
digits.  I see two problem with this:

a.	three digit numbers result in the cursor automatically wrapping back to
the call field.  This automatic wrap prevents the effective use of the
smartkey function.

b.	It appears that serial numbers greater than 999 would be truncated or not
accepted.  I believe that it is possible to achieve 1000 QSOs in this

3.	The abbreviation for Hajdu-Bihar county appears to be incorrect in the
namedmul.ini file.  The file has the abbreviation as HA, the rules show it
as HB.

73 Bud AA3B

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