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RM kamar@inr.net
Mon Jan 20 01:07:46 EST 2003

About the only Window programs that may not run on NTFS are disk
utilities or tape/media backup programs that may require updates for the
latest Windows NT, 2000 or XP versions or certain functions cannot
perform because of the NTFS protection functions.

Ron .......... NU1U

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Are Writelog, Dxbase, and AR-Cluster compatible with NTFS?  Microsoft
recommends NTFS with XP.  The backup program included on the XP Home
CDROM will only work with NTFS drives >4 Gb.  I certainly don't want to
do it if these programs won't run.  Others of interest include DX
Telnet, Geoclock, MMTTY, and probably others.

Better to ask first than regret later.  (This is a new approach for me.)

Jim N7US

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