[WriteLog] Correction for postal symbol

Bob McCormick W1QA bob@W1QA.COM
Mon Jan 20 23:00:48 EST 2003

Thanks for the update Don - I didn't know that!

Even the Federal pointers to the Newfound & Labrador
web resources are still using the "old" NF name ...
alas, just for the heck of it - I tried NL in the
domain name, and it works!


> These Canadian provinces are way too complicated...
> Let's just make Canada the 51st state and be done 
> with it.  :-) 

Since I don't think there's any overlap (yet?!)
between the US postal codes for states and territories,
and Canadian provinces and territories ...
why don't we do just the opposite?

Canada gets provinces 11 through 60 ...
plus a few overseas trust territories 
and PR, VI, etc. to sweeten the pot.

Think of all the things the US would get?
Something other than a two-party system ...
colourful money ... loonies & twonies (sp?!)

We can keep the same callsign prefixes ...
I just don't know how we're going to renumber
all those postal codes.


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