[WriteLog] extra characters being transmitted during rtty usingmmtty

WW3S ww3s at zoominternet.net
Sat Jan 25 10:39:25 EST 2003

Yes, I had the transmit dropping problem also. But the plugin hasn't changed
has it? Doesn't that use the mmtty engine and not the full ver 1.63? The
engine is still at 1.62 I think. I'll try going back; I think I still have
1.62 but I'm confused as to whether writelog uses the full version or just
the engine?

73 and thanks for the qso, condx kinda tough this morning.....

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> HI Jamie, and the gang,
> Well, I (and others) think it just may be to do with the new version of
> MMTTY (v1.63).
> Out of curiosity, I went back to v1.62 before I started the BARTG contest,
> and so far, I have not had the problems I had when using 1.63.
> This isn't direct proof as yet, but I suspect that there is something in
> v1.63 that Writelog doesn't like.
> I did wonder whether it may be the CW interface I connected before
> Chrsitmas, but even disabling that for the ARRL RRU, I still had the same
> garbage, as well as the Tx dropping after a few diddles, but that has not
> yet happened with v1.62.
> We shall have to wait and see if others have tried going back to 1.62, and
> whether 1.63 is still causing problems for some.
> Hope to catch you over the weekend!
> 73 for now
> Phil GU0SUP
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