[WriteLog] New 16 PCI sound cards are hot

Ric Plummer ricp at charter.net
Mon Jan 27 13:52:43 EST 2003

I have noticed for several years, that some sound cards have a "boost" or
function you can turn on on the sound control panel and some don't.
Never did catalog those who did, but with the heil mic's and the boost, it
was fine.
All else, too little gain, as Jerry pointed out.
Ric KV1W
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> All you with weak audio,
> As you know I have struggled with weak audio in my previous computer, even
> to the point of building a mic preamp and audio distribution to get enough
> gain.
> Now with the newer generation of the same sound card, the Creative 16 PCI
> have the sound card volume controls bottomed out and I am opening up my
> little 1 to 1 transformer boxes today and pad down the input with a
> divider.
> So if you have low audio problems you might try one of the new 16 PCI
> Jerry, W6IHG
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