[WriteLog] Correct WL upgrade procedure?

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Tue Jan 28 13:42:17 EST 2003

Hi Wayne

I am preparing a laptop to take on the road so I can operate WL from my 
camper on an extended trip. After I install the "full" WL version I got 
when I paid my upgrade fee, do I have to install _every_ upgrade release 
(and "patch" releases also) in sequence to bring the laptop up to date, or 
just the most recent WL upgrade?

I would expect the latest upgrade to always update EVERYTHING, but I doubt 
because on the WL "version Numbering" page,  you say: "For new versions 
that change just the minor version number, we rebuild only the executables 
that change in that version." You don't explain if the upgrade _includes_ 
all previously changed versions of executables, or only the ones being 
changed in this minor version number release.


Jerry W4UK

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