[WriteLog] WL License Agreement question

Greg Tomerlin -WN4M wn4m at charter.net
Wed Jun 25 16:14:40 EDT 2003

Kevin & others:

I have not received an answer to my License Agreement question regarding use
of WriteLog at our club Field Day exercise.  As a result, our Field Day
Committee decided to use TR-Log since time is short and I could not give the
other members of the committee a definitive answer by Noon today (we met for
lunch).  Incidentally, I also emailed the License Agreement question
directly to Ron -K5DJ, the author, and I did not receive a reply.  I suspect
he's busy issuing Registration codes.

Y'all listen for WC4AR #A TN on Saturday and Sunday.  GL all and play safe.

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What, if any 'official' responses did you get to this?

I wondered the same thing.  Surely wayne doesn't want to impede the process
of potentially introducing writelog to some new 'potential' customers... but
I've never heard this officially positioned.

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As a registered Writelog user, am I allowed to install the program on
several computers for use at our club's FD exercise?  I will of course
remove all installations of the program after Field Day.

73, Greg -WN4M

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