[WriteLog] Logging TX4PG???

Pawel SP7PS pawel at sp7ps.pl
Fri May 2 10:22:03 EDT 2003

Hello Joe,

You can do it easily. Close WriteLog and go to folder of WL. Do following
1. Find subfolder "Programs" and next file "wl_cty.dat".
2. Edit this file, find Marquesas Island.
3. In string of exceptional callsign add TX4PG.
4. Save the file and close.
5. Go to Windows "START" button, find the WriteLog catalogue and choose
small utility program "Convert CTY to WriteLog".
6. Make conversion and it is ready. Your Marquesas Isl. Is in the WL

Pawel, SP7PS

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> I use Writelog as a general purpose logging program outside of contests.
>   I think transfer the qso's to DXbase2003 for qsling and awards.
> I put TX4PG in Writelog and it could not find it.  OK it is not in the
> country prefix table.  But trying to get the beamheading, I put in FO/m
> and it just came back French Polynesia.  How or what format would I put
> in the 'Call" field to get Marquesas Island to come up??
> Thanks Joe K0BX
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