[WriteLog] Rotor control

Mike Baker K7DD k7ddmjb at qwest.net
Wed May 14 02:02:41 EDT 2003

OK< Question time.
Have WriteLog.  Have laptop.  Have both HF regular rotor and Yaesu AZ/EL
rotor.  How do I interface the computer to the rotors?  Anyone know where to
get a controler board?  Years ago, it was the "Kansas City" controler that
was the hot ticket but that was DOS driven.  What it the Hot ticket today???
Thanks in advance for your collective help....

OH, have NEW TS-2000 on the way so NOW I want to play with the big boys and
make all my toys work together! ;>)

Mike Baker  K7DD
k7ddmjb at qwest.net

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