[WriteLog] Loss of All QSOs from Memory

Dave N4IG n4ig at tampabay.rr.com
Sun May 25 01:40:20 EDT 2003

Hi Wayne;

I lost all my log data during the CW WPX test
this weekend. I sometimes get fat fingered during
a contest especially if I'm sleepy. (which is 
most of the time during a contest hi). In any event
I did something to cause the File menu to drop down.

I was finishing a S&P QSO and wanted to hit enter
to save the QSO. I sometimes do ALT W at this time for
some strange reason but this time I must have done ALT F
and the file menu came up. Instead of clearing the file menu
as I usually do by clicking the mouse outside of the menu
I must have hit the enter key to save the QSO. When the File
menu comes drops down from a ALT F the NEW selection is highlighted.
If you hit enter here all QSOs in memory are erased. You are given a
chance to save the data before that happens but if you choose NO then
all data is gone. There may be other off the wall ways to cause this
sort of thing to happen but the bottom line is when it does there
isn't any recovery.

What I would like to see is a cumulative journal file (adi format) be
created the first time a save from the journal file is done
and after that every time the journal takes place the journal is 
moded to the cumulative journal file. This would provide morons
like me who loose the LOG a way to get it back.

73 Dave N4IG

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