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rojomn rojomn at charter.net
Wed May 28 13:34:00 EDT 2003

I would have done that but was not at home so did not have good access. I
see that the information has now been posted. I will jut shut up now. It
will be done or it won't. It is a good change to promote another good mode.
I will still use WriteLog? , of course, since it is the only decent windows
logger for contesting that exists today.

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> >Check with the writer of the core dll used in may programs. All work
> >together that I have seen, come on it has to be out there?
> C'mon Gil, use your head. You asked, even said "Please" to get
> PSK63 support
> in Writelog. Wayne said he would consider it, but needed help finding a
> suitable spec to use, and your only response is to say "it's out there---
> somewhere"? You're the one pushing for this, it's time for you to do some
> homework and make your positive contribution. Why don't *you* be
> the person
> to search the web or inquire of the writer of the core.dll used in many
> programs?
> Bruce W1CSM

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