[WriteLog] Icom IC-756PROII and auto split

OE1EMS Braco oe1ems at emssolutions.at
Sun Apr 4 00:37:28 EST 2004

i had problem in last wpx ssb with auto split function (i think) in writelog
and my FT-1000MP
after monitoring band for a few min on 2nd VFO TRX switch automatic TX to
SUB VFO.....
any ideas???

73 es best dx
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> At 07:16 PM 4/2/2004, Robert B. Bonner wrote:
> >Anyway, I heard from what I've been reading that the 756 can't be
> >into the split mode...  Is that right?
> Your information is incorrect.
> Any ICOM radio can be commanded to go into split mode.  However, there is
> no command that software can issue to tell if the radio is in split mode
> not.  Think of it as a write-only state.
> Does that make sense?
> 73 - Jim AD1C
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