[WriteLog] USB <-> Part

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at comcast.net
Sun Apr 4 22:28:20 EDT 2004

With all of the recent stuff about serial, usb, windows 98 versus
etc. I looked around and found several products that use the


It is a faux 16550 including all signals in a DB-9.  It has drivers
for 98 through XP (including the just-say-no ME).


I have a device with one of these on it (K-149B programmer from
Carl's Electronics/KitsRUs) and I will report on how it does.  It is a
small square SMD, 32 LD LQLP package with 0.8 mm pitch on the pins.
It will not be for the faint of heart to solder but might be
useful as an already soldered on part such as HC908 (see AMQRP
web site) is handled.  It is easily put on a small board
interface to the PIC-EL (AMQRP), or Writelog control interface,

Here is the documentation for the "16550 like" driver for


and for later models:


This would appear to be a better potential interface than the
ones discussed heretofore.  It can be made to dial up and look
like COM1-COM10.  The latter document has clear instructions
for installation and uninstallation on Windows > NT.  I have
not bothered to look at Win 98.

There are Linux drivers, OS-X drivers, FreeBSD drivers and how
to get at them on:



is the US supplier and the ftdi site has other areas.  Saelig sells
a COMPLETE USB <-> Serial adapter based on this chip, including
ALL signals, for $39.95.  I have not evaluated the timing diagrams
as to how this will impact the use of (say) FPP with the PIC-EL
but I see nothing that would stand in the way of contest software,
logging software,
etc. using it.


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